We are a company focused on export and import services in the northeastern Argentina. Likewise, our internal organization underlines national and global logistics as well as trading as a unity.
We are eager to anticipate and adjust ourselves to the real necessities of each and every client by identifying ourselves with your company culture and suggesting an increasing improvement for the effective realization of objectives.


In the city of Salta, our company has offices and warehouses to provide our customers with a productive and fast service. Customers have at their disposal: an operations warehouse of 700m3 with offices, where our customers’ inventory controls and movements are carried out.

There is a two-hectare export center in the town of General Gόemes.

For manipulation, loading, unloading and stowage of products, our staff qualified in these tasks have forklifts with an operating capacity of 3 tones and a crane with a capacity of 16 tones, which allows time optimization and an optimal care of cargo.
Our fleet of trucks is cutting-edge, satellite-monitoring equipped and has permission of dangerous goods transportation, authorization for international transportation (Chile and Brazil), which allows us to meet our clients’ needs by being effective and cost-competitive.

Some of our services

• International and national logistics
• Land transportation, by trucks and railways. Multimodal.
• Round-trip containers transportation
• Just-in-time delivery
• Coordination and tracking of shipping and transportation at places of origin and destination
• Coordination of deliveries
• Reports
• Storage of goods
• Packed and palletized cargo



Our company is an alternative that carries out import operations proper and efficiently whenever clients need to import fixed assets, supplies or any other required products to become competitive at present. In this way, they can plan and have the certainty that they will have everything they need at their disposal.

• Comprehensive Advice
• Estimate of costs
• Cargo handling and coordination
• Issue of any extra documentation
• Transit and transfer
• Temporary imports and processing of permissions before SICE
• Procedures of staggered delivery system
• Registration and procedures before official entities
• Advice for issue of letters of credit
• Purchase order tracking


Our objective is helping your company and its products to enter into the international market in order to be delivered to clients in due time and manner with the aim to not only build sustainable businesses but also focus yourself on your business efforts.

In this way, we are in charge of all corresponding export duties.

Our company is broadly experienced in the field and duly qualified for improving on a daily basis, adjusting ourselves to meet our clients' necessities.

• Export customs declaration and cargo coordination

• Obtaining and/or issuing of any required export extra documentation

• Settlement and submission of refunds, repayments and drawbacks before Customs

• Procedures of staggered delivery system

• Temporary exports and processing of permissions before SICE


Biotec provides clients with any required services:


- VAT recovery for exports
- Counseling and accounting services
- International trade counseling
- Market analysis
- Competitiveness analysis


-Containers loading and unloading
-Export consolidation
-Our objective is to simplify our clients' tasks by optimizing their time and resources